Pallet Pattern Optimization Software

Pallet Pattern Software

  • Design your box starting from your product.
  • Optimize your pallet patterns saving cost for warehousing.
  • Minimize the numbers of shipments required for your boxes and pallets.
  • Load containers with mixed pallet patterns.
  • Generate high resolution PDF reports.

PalletStacking Solutions is a company dedicated to develop software for Pallet, Warehouse and transport optimization.
With PalletStacking you can create your own product, calculate the box with the best arrangement, palletize and optimize the truck loading.
PalletStacking Software guide you to optimize your pallets and transportation, to obtain the best pattern solutions and giving costs savings.


PalletStacking help you to calculate the best arrangement of products in box and the best pallet optimization, saving costs in your warehousing and transportation.
Also PalletStacking, will show you several alternativities to package your product, and then to load them on pallets, containers or trucks.
  •  + Calculate the best box arrangement
  •  + Determine the best package units
  •  + Create your own pallets patterns
  •  + Mixed loadings on pallets
  •  + Product Design Optimization
  •  + Calculate more products per pallet
  •  + Generate pallet optimizing reports (Excel Reports, HTML Reports, PDF Reports)
  •  + Calculate strength box resistance
  •  + Metric and US units system
  •  + Microsoft Access .mdb - Database solutions
  •  + OpenOffice compatible
  •  + PDF files compatible
  •  + Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32, 64), Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 compatible
  •  + Available in English, Spanish, French. (also you can translate to your own language.)

NOW with PalletStacking 7.0
PalletStacking Product Module, for extra optimization!

New Options 2013

3D Product palletization options


There are six types objects you can load with PalletStacking Solutions






The new PalletStacking option, guide you to load pallets, containers or trucks with most than one box or shape. This is called Mixed Loading.
In this module, you can create your own boxes, cilynders or common shapes with their characteristics.
PalletStacking, will show you the best arrangement on the pallet, container or truck, depending on the percentage (%) ocupation that the users
describe for each box.


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