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Download the program, once installed, run the program as administrator, copy the RED number and send it to     

 PalletStacking 2022 VersionDownload Here
 PalletStacking 2019 (Not supported)Download here
 PalletStacking Manual 2022Download documentaiton 2022 here
 * For limited time, if you buy PalletStacking 2019, you will get in addition PalletStacking 2022 
Beta version for free.

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If you are interested in trying the program PalletStacking 2022, request now your Demo activation. 
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Note :
Once you have installed PalletStacking, you have to fill out our Contact Form at, and send it to us with the Red number given by the program, to get your License Activation.
See below the example what you will see, after the first time you access into PalletStacking software.
Once you have asked for your license activation, it will be activated by internet

  • Requirements for PalletStacking 2022
    • At least Windows 7 64 bits
    • .Net Framework 4.5
    • OS Font size 100%
    • Microsoft Excel 2003 or later
    • Microsoft Access 2003 o later

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